Monday, November 30

My Perfume Pursued Them Everywhere That They Went

Ok, I know you're probably thinking "Baby Phat?!". Yes, I was too until I smelled the scent some years ago. I believe I first got this bottle on my 15th birthday. Anywho, once I ran out I was quite heartbroken. I had only used it when I went out for special occasions and apparently I went on more outings than the ounces could handle. I procrastinated forever about buying a new bottle, in the midst of trying new fragrances as well. Finally I spotted my love at Marshall's for only $20 for 3.4 oz. Couldn't beat that price, and you can't beat this smell! It literally lasts all day. Wherever I went, people would ask me what I was wearing. Too ashamed to share the brand? Just say it's your little secret.

1 comment:

  1. never be ashamed to say u like something who cares what it is? if its good shit its good shit! i actually want that fragrance :)