Tuesday, April 21

It's the other New York

Yesterday a good friend (Nikki) told me about this photographer named Shannon McCollum. McCollum spoke at a seminar last night held at The University of West GA. He is indeed an ATLien and has shot artists such as Erykah Badu, Dead Prez, Andrew Young, Coretta Scott King, Goodie Mob, Pastor Troy, and of course, Outkast. He also works very closely to John Legend, touring with him regularly. Here are some of his pictures below and please peep the video. Very inspiring. People like him are one of the reasons I still love home.
Stormy about to burn it down bk.stage 10.07Quincy Jones MayaJohn Legend 1.31.08Tuki aka* Hollyweird*

Find him on myspace or search him on facebook

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