Monday, March 2

We Gotta Find Middle Ground, We Need Balance

About three weeks ago, a few friends and I went out. A guy tried to talk to me. He was a pretty nice looking dude and I took his number instead of me giving him mine (which means I wasn't obligated to call/text him). Anyway that's beside the point. After we left the scene, my friend said "Did you see his shoes?!" Surprisingly it was the first time I didn't look at a guy's feet before his face. I replied no, and she said "He had on New Balances!" I laughed and said nothing is necessarily wrong with New Balances. Ye' wears them, see?


  1. LMFAO! New Balances are making a come-back

  2. I use to rock them only cause they felt so comfortable and they came in a shit load of colors. They def making a come back.

  3. i wore new balance in highschool. it wasnt 'cool' at the time but did i care ?

    i refuse to return to sneakers though .

    looks good on him .