Sunday, March 22

Rick Ross the boss?!

So my homie told me about this scandal this morning. First of all, Rick Ross and MCM shouldn't even go in the same sentence. Second, did you seriously think you were "bossing" in a FAKE MCM jacket?! C'mon dude. Then owing Taz $13,000 for some order you never paid off?! Jeesh. Why would you do that? You can't even pay your child support yet you wanna buy fake ish. At least could've went on Ebay or something, save a few thousands or hundreds (considering it's fake!). And I know he thought no one would notice it's fake. Hello, it's not even the same color as the origingal. Oh lawd, I could seriously go on & on about this. I'm sure Taz is somewhere dying laughing. Rick Ross, you gets no luh dude.

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On another note, wtf Fab got on?! Too much too much.


  1. lmao, ricky is a walking and talking porcelain doll... smh

    i kinda like what loso has on in a too-brigh-and -color-coordinated kinda way

  2. omg fabo..he shoud take that shizz off! u no he paid monies for all that LV aswell!