Friday, March 13

Interview Worthy: Chasworth Billion$

ATL, home of the pimps and the money-makers - and Chasworth Billion$. This pint-sized ATLien is sure to woo you off your feet, only if you're sporting CDG of course. Her name speaks for itself, but the South still got something to say, and in the words of Dre', "it be deeper than Caddillacs".

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WTW: Describe yourself in three words.
CB: $ilk, Velvet, and Leather.

WTW: It's hard to be innovative & creative in the south. I applaud you for taking that leap. How have you made a name for yourself in Atl? What's your hustle?
CB: Thanks a bill. I always try to make a name for myself by marching to my own drum...and that's anywhere. In the "A" I've built key relationships with those who matter to my vision and focus. As far as a hustle, it's living. I have fun breathing.

WTW: What is your passion and when did you first fall in love with it?
CB: Art is definitely my main passion! It has my heart & lungs. I get super tainted over art in general. My grandparents showered us with sketchbooks, pastels, water paint, and coloring books growing up so I guess it was during that time I fell in love with art.

WTW: If someone where to spot you out & about, what would they most likely catch you wearing?
CB: Something foreign, borin', and not worth explorin'. Oh, and a tatt across my chest that says "Clever".

WTW: Who is one person that you would collab with, dead or alive?
CB: Emma Hope.

WTW: Tell me about your creative outlets from the past, present, and future (Strange Fruit, Chasworthbillions, An-mag).
CB: Titles like "Strange Fruit" and "Chasworth Billions" helped me create dope blogs and such-one being online with the popular magazine, Art Nouveau. Both continue to coincide with one another, allowing me to brand my name in creative ways through creative ventures.

WTW: Your relationship with the sneaker collecting has come to a pause. Why did you two take this hiatus?
CB: Sneaker collecting is an expensive sport and after 160 plus rare pairs...I'm broke & satisfied. I buy a rare pair here and there but not like I use to. Good thing being apart of the culture doesn't cost. Beeeesides, I rather skip in my own shoe.

WTW: What are your career goals, dreams, aspirations, etc?
CB: I create swell with both sides of my brain, therefore I am aiming to get paid for it. I would like to expand a business in creative consulting. I am also an aspiring shoe designer/store owner.

WTW: Who and/or what are you inspired by?
CB: My mind and the Sun. Both have the power to make people wake up or go to sleep.

WTW: Name one thing that is worth the weight to you.
CB: A coke line of good ideas.

WTW: Any last words?
CB: Peace, Blessings & Sunlight to Worth The Weight!

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