Tuesday, March 3

Dance Party Massacre

Don't let the name frighten you. It is inspired by horror but add fun and you've got a recipe for cool tees. The company is independently operated and sold in shops around the world. Launched in Fall '07 at a Halloween party, this line is sure to turn heads, in a good way of course. Here's what Alex Dakoulas, the owner, had to say on this brief interview.

WTW: First I would like to say I love the name of the line, Dance Party Massacre. What was the driving force behind it?
DPM: Thank you! I think it encompasses what we’re about in one title. It’s about having fun in spite of it all. The line was kicked off with this idea that we all have something trying to put us down, but we just need to kill it and move on. It’s an extreme title, a little out there, but that’s what I was going for!

WTW: What's the brands/your hometown?
DPM: I’m from Manchester, NH, but the idea for the line came from when I was about to graduate from MassArt in Boston. I consider it a brand of Boston, and I am pushing to make it known here first.
WTW: Did any horror flicks inspire you to create this line?
DPM: For sure for sure, yes, totally! I usually have to restrain myself from making this a completely horror-related line, but horror movies¬—the cult, the ideas, the imagery, so much about them give me inspiration. I’m trying not to rely on them so intently, but they’re a big starting point for the brand.

WTW: What other brand would you like to collaborate with?
DPM: I wouldn’t say I really want to collaborate with another brand right now. I’d rather collaborate with artists and designers. I want to take their imagery and see what happens when you give it a DPM spin.

WTW: Do you hope for expansion in the future or are you content with its status as of now?
DPM: I totally want it to expand! The product we make is mostly graphic tees right now, and the next things on my brain are more bandannas, necklaces, hoodies, hats, and sunglasses. As far as playing with the brand I want to do more promo videos, continue to collab with dance nights, sponsor things, and get more people involved.

WTW: Any last words?
DPM: If you like Dance Party Massacre talk to me about it!

For more info on the line and purchasing, visit the official website and click here to view the Winter '09 promo!

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