Wednesday, February 18


I have yet to listen to Drake. I actually had a conversation about this last night. I just can't ride with him being on Degrassi now a rapper. Is there anyone willing to convince me?


  1. Its Great
    Downloads: 77038

    it was 10,000 the first day
    My horrible convincing

  2. the mixtape is aight... he recycled some songs from his old mixtape but I love the song with Trey Songs and the song with Lykke Li and the one with Santogold.. I mean, he was playin a rapper on degrassi too? U have nothing to lose by givin it a sample.

  3. definately kudos to the first two. ive been running it crazy on my ipod since it dropped. its a bit addictive. dont mind the recycled songs. its worthy of a play-through, tho...try it
    ps. love your blog ♥

  4. well you don't know what your missing
    i think he was pretty good in degrassi
    & loved him there
    & i'm not uite into rap music
    more into rock
    but i love his music
    its kewl to listen to
    & quite feel qood to
    so don't knock it till you try it
    one of his songs are on my paqe if you want to listen