Thursday, February 19

I'm the Greatest in Atlanta, They be Callin' Me Ali

T.I. was voted one of GQ's most stylish men. I've always liked T.I.'s style, even before he began wearing Purple Label and Marc Jacobs sneakers. He knows exactly what his image is and that's what's important. And I've always wondered how he manages to get that teeny hat to stay in place.

T.I. on his style: “Every morning, I start with my shoes. Usually, I have a pair that I just know I wanna wear, and from there I put my shirt with my shoes, my pants with my shirt, my belt with my shoes and my shirt. I have real basic, old-school, classic style, homey. I’m still a Polo kid. I still like my pants to fit a certain way. I got first-grade pictures of me in suits. So I guess the fact that more formal stuff like blazers is acceptable in hip-hop these days…I could take a little credit for that.”

Yeaaa, and it's like that..

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