Monday, February 9

If you fall in this category then you's a...

I knew it was a reason why I didn't like this cat. Those sappy 'love' songs weren't cutting it for me. Then only taking Ri-Ri to KFC?! I would've dumped him then. I wouldn't even allow that for a date now and I'm broke! I knew they would somehow fall apart. But I never thought it would be by him abusing her. How sad. I'm sure she didn't do that much damage for him to spaz out on her. Even if she did, that's unacceptable. CB, do you know how many fans you're going to lose? Smh.. Some man you are. 


    Supposedly "Rihanna has Herpes"
    These arent my words idk how valid peoples sources are.

  2. Thanks for the Blog Comment. I see Mookie Left you My Blog link. Nice blog you got going here ; I'll def follow. If You get the chance you should try & do the same. =)

  3. booooooooooo!!! I'm sick of this ish already! dude! hahaha I mean ok RiRi and CB aren't the only couple on earth facing domestic bullshit just cause they on the radio shit gets blown up! UGGGGHHH! it's just madd frustrating that people stay focused on shit like this when are economy isn't worth two pennies! He is an ass just like every other kat that puts hands on a women he isn't worth the pot he pissing in, no women deserves to be hit no matter their actions... shit get a female to whoop her ass if it's that serious lmao...

    that's all lol